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Solar power isn’t just the future- it’s the present. A new solar project is installed every two minutes ( When installing solar systems businesses are seeing huge saving due to Eskom’s escalating tariffs. Small businesses  everywhere are embracing commercial solar power systems, and it’s time your company caught up.

We are now living in the solar age


The world of losers

In the last 15years Eskom has increased their rates by 381% and will continue to increase between 15-20% per year...


We’re living in a different ERA: Coal+steam 1970s-> Wind+solar+coal power 1990s->Coal, wind, solar, nuclear and natural gases 2000s->Renewable energy main focus Solar today

“For generations, Volkswagen Group South Africa has led in key areas of transformation. VWSA is committed to reducing carbon emissions at our production site, and the use of solar power reduces our use of electricity sourced from coal-fired power stations and will have a lasting, positive impact on the environment.”

Mr. Chapman, Project Leader for VW SA,


Solar Panels

Solar PV modules are manufactured using high quality materials, automated machine, innovated technology and standards, specific to your needs.


An LED solution combined with presence and daylight sensors increases the saving potential to the maximum.


We are a certified installer of all batteries and are happy to consult further on the most beneficial option for you or your business.

Customer Experience

Consumers now expect the solar powered “green” experience
Never break electricity
Lower fixed rate premium
No maintenance, cleaning or upkeep
Reduced carbon footprint

Our story

Solar gate was built to ensure South Africa with renewable and sustainable energy. We ensure never break solar electricity with a fixed monthly cost and maintenance, upkeep and cleaning so you and your team don’t have to, which keeps your lights on without worry. Removing all obstacles and making the transition as easy as possible.

Book with the very best

Just imagine having the sound of mind that your lights will be lit up whenever you want regardless of load shedding. You could be recognized as a “Green” person.  People will want to do business for and with you as you  will be seen as socially responsible, Analysis say that  30 percent of consumers plan to increase their spending at socially responsible companies.

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